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We offer a FREE taster session for anyone wanting to try CrossFit. This is 1-2-1 or small group and is an insight into classes and what to expect when joining FlowState.

Before participating in any classes we require everyone to undertake our fundamentals workshop. The idea for this is for us to see how you move and introduce you to some of the basic movements you will come across in classes. This allows us to maximise time during classes and means that our members don’t get any surprises when they approach a WOD. The fundamentals workshop is to make the process of joining group classes less daunting. Anything new in life can be stressful but once you have done the workshop we hope you feel ready and confident to smash out your first class.

If you have completed a fundamentals course at another affiliate then we are happy to check in with them or assess your movement allowing you to join in with classes straight away. We normally perform an assessment anyway as it allows us to understand you as an athlete.

Once you have done our fundamentals workshop you can revisit the workshop as many times as you feel necessary free of charge.

Included in the price is a 20 min movement review with one of our coaches after a week or so of doing classes to see if there are any of the fundamental movements that just don’t seem to be “clicking”.

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